What Have You Done For Me Lately?

That is a question, we don’t ask ourselves enough!  What have you done for you lately?  I was chatting with a friend, and we came to conclusion, that if we do not act purposefully in taking care of ourselves it just doesn’t happen.  Sure its great to take a spa day, meet up for a girls night, or plan a romantic date with your significant other.  However, if you don’t find ways to incorporate a little “me” time into each and everyday, by the time you’ve booked your massage, you have turned into an unrecognizable monster.

So, when I asked my friend what she was doing for herself yesterday, I was very impressed to hear that she had planned an hour and half bike ride through Colorado’s finest fall foliageImage and then planned to redeem a free dinner coupon from a Mexican place.  Sounds pretty nice right?

So, then I turned the question on myself.  What am I doing for me today?  I had nothing.  When I really thought about how I wanted to spend some time with myself, I knew it was time to grab Nigel (my Nikon) and head to the park to check out the golden rod fields.  This is actually something I had been thinking about for a couple weeks, but I was now determined to make it happen!  Well, I sure was happy I went!  Check out some of the amazing photos I captured on my little afternoon adventure.  Yes, we ate dinner a little later than usual that night, but my husband sure was a happy man to see how relaxed I was after doing a little something for myself.


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