Gaudi Love

I first heard of Antoni Gaudi from travel books about Spain and immediately fell in love his architecture.  Gaudi’s footprints can be seen and felt all over Barcelona.  When I travled to the Catalon region I quickly became obsessed with all things Gaudi.  From house tours, to parks, I wanted to walk by and experience as much of his work as possible during my stay.  Taking a few steps back, I realized my immense appreciation for Gaudi’s talent may be related to the unique neighborhood where I grew up.

I’m from good olde ye Worthington, Ohio.  A cozy suburb right outside of Columbus, Ohio.  As a child, all I wanted was to graduate high school and move on to bigger and better cities!  However, as an adult who has lived in those bigger and better cities (D.C. & Atlanta respectively), I now recognize that Worthington truly is a precious little gem.  I also know how fortunate I am to have experienced such a magical childhood with amazing friends in such a safe and vibrant community.  Just a mile or so away from the main downtown drag (picture colonial style buildings, fudge shops, pubs, and coffee houses circa 1800s) is a little suburb within a suburb called Rush Creek Village.  A midst an otherwise cookie cutter community is a neighborhood comprised of about 50 or so houses inspired by none other than, Frank Lloyd Wright.  As a child, stories about how cool, unique, or important our neighborhood was just bored me death.  All I knew was our house did not have air conditioning in the summer, and the two and half story single pane glass window wall in the living room did not do its job to keep the heat indoors during those fridged Ohio winters.

Over time the uniqueness of the neighborhood left a lasting impression on me.  I have come to appreciate the variety of homes in different regions of the US.  I love to look around when I travel just a few miles up the road or all the way across the pond.  I even have several “dream home” pictures I show my husband every now and again to remind us of what’s ahead.  Although my personal tastes are more craftsman style than FLW, I am still intrigued when looking at incredibly bold architecture and timeless design.

To help capture the detail, I snapped this picture below of one of Gaudi’s famous houses in Barcelona.  I must say, that I was very excited when I did a quick search of Gaudi images, and could not find a picture similar to mine.  If only I had my new DSLR when I took this shot!  Who wouldn’t want to have this gorgeous window that just seems to call to the sea in their home?


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