Time Flies!

This past weekend my husband Kris and I set out to celebrate the one year anniversary when he proposed to me on top of Fort Mountain at The Overlook Inn.  It is easy to look back in amazement at all that has happened since the day I said “YES!”.  For starters, we planned our dream wedding, moved into a new condo, traveled a ton over the summer, quit my job, got married, and shared a million little adventures in between.  Time flies!

To commemorate the special occasion, and because my husband knows that I turn into a two year old child if I do not get a healthy dose of fresh fall air, we headed out to Sweet Water State Park.  Occasionally, Kris had to remind me to put the camera down and enjoy the view – squirrels scurrying around looking for nuts, rustling leaves in the trees, birds chirping, turtles making ripples in the still water, spiders spinning webs.  This is what its all about!  It was seriously gorgeous outside, I just wanted to capture everything!

We hiked up to Taz Hill, which was especially fun because we had never been on that trail before.  We eventually decided that even though we had hiked the park on several occasions, it was always wise to consult the visitor maps in the parking lot prior to departure. Tsk tsk.

So after an amazing morning spent in the wild outdoors, we came home and made turkey burgers and homemade oven baked potato chips– delicious by the way!  It was the perfect morning spent with the love of my life.


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