Holiday Photography

Happy Holidays!  If you have not yet found your holiday spirit, time is a tickin’!  There are just a few fabulous weekends left before Christmas and it is my hope that you spend them doing fabulous and festive things.

This weekend Kris and I fully embraced all things Christmas.  I look back on weekend and I can’t believe we did so much in just two little days!  We got to spend a lot of time with friends doing some seasonal socializing.  Kris and his buddy prepared their holiday home brew (which is really quite delicious!) and I got to do a little holiday photo session with Micah.  He was so adorable and I loved snapping pics while he played with his mama – pics to follow!.

It was so fun being lazy watching Christmas movies (thank you raging sinus headaches for helping me actually want to sit still for an hour) and getting all dazzled up in Christmas finery to go to the fancy mall at Buckhead.  Kris made peppermint hot chocolate and we ooohed and ahhhed over the lights on Paces Ferry past the Governor’s mansion (ello gov’na!).  The funny thing was, we checked the hours for a different mall, and a measly twenty minutes after our arrival, doors were shutting and shops were closing.  Who closes a mall at 9pm on a Saturday in the month of December!

On Sunday we got to put the finishing touches on a few things from Santa’s Workshop and cross a few more things off the to do list.  That night I joined some gal pals for the Grant Park Candle Light Tour of Homes.  Super festive!  Some of houses were over 140 years old and all decorated in fresh garland and smelled of kerosene lamps.  I may just do a double blog posting so you can see what I talking about!  For now, take a look at Michah’s pics and tell me what you think!


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