Year in Review

What a year!….

I was cuddled up on the couch yesterday morning enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the Sunday Morning Show with my hubby.  We watched a little spot they did on 2012, a year in review.  It. was. so. sad.  Each month highlighted some horrific tragedy or natural disaster.  There were only a few upbeat months, showcasing the Democratic and Republican nominee conventions!  Wow.  How can we all possibly be excited for a new year if this is what we choose to remember from 2012?  I say its time to define our own  “year in review.”  I want to look back on 2012 and remember trips, memories, moments, love, laughter, learning, and triumph.

If you don’t stop to reflect on your life its easy to forget what you stand for.  Case in point….We were having dinner with some friends the week of Christmas and it was so funny because when the other couple asked us what we had been up to, we shrugged it off and started talking about something else.  Kris and I laughed on the way home that we must have seemed so boring!  In reality we had been having so much fun the entire month of December but it just didn’t seem to translate into good dinner conversation.  I realized that all the fun we had been having, was a giant heap of little moments.  Nothing too exciting, nothing too extravagant.  Kris and I had become pretty good at enjoying the simple moments and hadn’t even realized it.  We had been baking holiday goodies, learning how to perfectly wrap Christmas presents, watching a million and one holiday movies, enjoying a lot of backyard fire pit nights with friends, playing Chopped in the kitchen and coming up with our own unique desserts to satisfy the most outrageous sweet tooth, I had been working on my photography skills, and Kris brewed his first solo batch of American Ale.  Now as I write this, it all seems wonderful, sure.  But it is so easy to forget to make those little moments count.  No one likes a braggy friend, but everyone likes an interesting friend!

As we all prepare to ring in a new year, I say, ask yourself “What have you been up to?” and see what you can come up with!  Make those little moments the star of the show and enjoy dazzling yourself in your very own Year in Review.

Here are few pics from our Christmas – more to come!

DSC_1781 DSC_1787 DSC_1918 DSC_2000 DSC_2048 DSC_2074 DSC_2090 DSC_2115 DSC_2123 DSC_1989 DSC_1968 DSC_1841 DSC_1967 DSC_1966 DSC_1923 DSC_1886


2 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Bonnie – love the pics…especially the ones in downtown Worthington. My goal for 2013 – road trip to Atlanta. Have a happy new year. Love you!!

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