New Season | New City

Go Be Beautiful!  It is so good to be back!  After my extreme hiatus, I randomly viewed my blog recently and fell in love all over again with the space I created here on this blog.  So much beauty, love, reflection, and splendor.  So much change!

After completing my amazing internship program, my husband and I moved north to the great city of Cincinnati!  My heart still aches for the South and all of its goodies, but Cincinnati has welcomed us with open arms.  In fact, I am thoroughly impressed with Cincinnati.  Not only are Kris and I closer to our families now, but the city has a lot to offer!  This is not the old Cincinnati – there is a ton of new energy in the town, new restaurants are opening, old neighborhoods are revamping hundred year old buildings to create a fun nooks and crannies.  There is a strong sense of community here that I never knew existed.  I could go on, but more on this later…..


Along with the move to Cincinnati came the launch of my own business!  I am so proud of B Lynne Photography and what I have been to create in the 6 months since we moved here.  Hope you check it out and tell me what you think!  There is a fine line between sharing your whole life on social media because you are business owner and simply acknowledging you are are a business owner on social media.  Hence forth, I needed a creative outlet and I was craving to get back to Go Be Beautiful.


I went hiking this past Sunday and I was amazed at the old growth forest just 10 minutes outside the city.  California Nature Preserve was a great find and I am looking forward to going back!





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