Southern Christmas!

Alright, alright.  I know I am certainly a tough critic when it comes to Christmas in Georgia.  Of course, I know its all about family, friends, giving back, full hearts and happy faces etc. Once you acknowledge the most important part of a holiday, its okay to wrap it up, put a bow on it, and quickly air some grievances before returning to holiday happy mode.  Here is goes: Christmas needs cold weather and snow!  Period.

My first Christmas in Georgia, it actually did snow on Christmas day.  Miracle!  It all melted by noon, but it satisfied my dreamy dreams of a white Christmas.  Last Christmas however, I remember taking off my fleece jacket on the way to the bowling alley because it was just not cold enough to wear it!  Bah humbug.  But what I don’t mention often enough, is what Georgia lacks in snowy white, appropriately cold winter weather, Georgia over compensates by dazzling you with her outrageous charm, indulgent hospitality, and showcasing her flare for home décor that is unparalleled.  Period.

To see this all first hand was quite the southern experience.  Last night, we partook in a 9 house candle light tour of homes in Grant Park, Atlanta’s oldest neighborhood.  We saw 33 room mansions dating back 140 years, the birthplace of Bobby Jones (four!), immaculate renovations that looked like they were ripped from the pages of Southern Living, and charm galore.  It was fun to mix and mingle with home owners and tour goers alike.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears, had been shed for these houses to stand in their full Christmas glory and I was one appreciative admirer.

Its always fun to see how others decorate and celebrate the holidays.  I found it interesting that the actual Christmas trees in most of these beautiful houses took a back seat tto he yards and yards of garland and holly berries.  In fact, the trees could have even been labeled as “unimpressive.”  However, the holiday décor covering nearly every inch of original wood was rightfully so, the show stopper.  Take a look at some of pics and maybe you’ll get some holiday decorating ideas of your own!

DSC_1613 - Copy DSC_1610 - Copy DSC_1607 - Copy DSC_1606 - Copy DSC_1605 - Copy DSC_1599 - Copy DSC_1596 - Copy DSC_1594 - Copy DSC_1591 - Copy DSC_1587 - Copy DSC_1585 - Copy DSC_1584 - Copy DSC_1582 - Copy DSC_1580 - Copy DSC_1574 - Copy DSC_1571 - Copy DSC_1562 - Copy DSC_1617 - Copy


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